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Hey, I’m Kieran, a designer, photographer and creative director with over 20 years of industry experience. I love creative problems and thrive on nurturing teams to produce effective solutions.



During my career I’ve had the privilege of working for a wide range of clients and in a diverse scope of environments –  from small, bustling London agencies to large international ecommerce brands, with my own direct clients in between. This exposure has allowed me to develop my skill set and adapt different ways of working, while always focusing on delivering the maximum value to the end user of each project. 


Great solutions blossom from having a deep understanding of the challenges faced. As design by nature allows ambiguity in its delivery, with no single “right answer”, it’s only through understanding the problem that you can come up with a great concept, idea or solution. It’s by focusing on this element of ‘understanding’ that I passionately enjoy nurturing and developing creative talent, both my own and that of the teams and individuals I lead and support.

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I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in my work and approach. I do like a chat about anything design related and it would be great to hear about your needs and how we could collaborate.


Calle Cigüeña Negra 1b.

Tarifa. 11380

Tel: +34 618 897 339

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